Hello there. We are Cathleen and Christopher, a couple from Virginia, USA who decided to take a break from our jobs and follow our dream of travelling the world. We left the US in November 2016 with full hearts, open minds, and only what we could fit on our backs. This site is a collection of our stories, photos, and travel memories. We are so happy (and thankful) that you are following our adventure.

Cathleen is passionate about the exploring new places, photography, the ocean, and cooking. She loves wandering and some of her favorite travel memories are things discovered while wandering without a plan. She is the “wild air” part of this blog title.

Christopher is obsessed with Buffalo, New York sports (Go Bills!), drinking craft beer, logging those beers on an app called “Untappd”, and liking the beers his friends post on “Untappd”. He is the “hops” part of this blog title.

To read more about our decision to leave our jobs and travel the world, check out our Our Travel Story post. It’s a good one.