Days 1 – 3: Seattle, Washington

I’m going to be honest. Our main goal for visiting Seattle was not to do our typical tourist/wandering thing, but to hang out with our good friend and former roommate, Chip. He moved out to Seattle several years ago and has been trying to get us to visit this city he is so fond of ever since. So, while we did some of the cool touristy things, we mostly just hung out, drank some coffee and beers, burned some fire pit, mustered up an impromptu barbecue, and ate bacon from mugs at a board game bar. It was as awesome as he promised and genuinely good to just hang with a friend we haven’t seen in far too long.

Friends! Enjoying the water show at the International Fountain in Seattle Center.

Here are some pictures from our time in Seattle:

Pike Place Market — easily one of the largest and most interesting markets we’ve walked in all of our world travels. 
In Capitol Hill, the crosswalks are rainbow. 
Gum Wall (more like Gum Alley) where visitors stick their gum to the brick for some odd reason. And no, we did not participate. Gross. 
Boardgames, beers, and bacon at the Raygun Lounge in Capitol Hill. Seriously, the first item on the menu was a “Cup of Bacon”. 

It is always so much better traveling when you know you have a friend meeting you on the other side. We owe a huge thanks to Chip for his hospitality, tour-guiding, and for helping us get our West Coast road trip off to a good start.

Next stop – Olympic National Park.

Love from our tent-home,

Cathleen & Christopher & our new sleeping companion, a can of bear mace


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