Home & Away Again

Hello friends – we’ve missed you!

You probably thought that now that we are back in the USA that we’d forgotten about the blog. Not a chance! We’ve actually been super busy running around visiting as many friends and family as possible and spending every minute we can snuggling the new little babies in our lives.

What else have we been doing this month? Local adventures! We’ve been planning our West Coast road trip, soaking up the sun at Assateague (and stopping in for Island Creamery, of course), attending a beer festival on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, making a spontaneous trip up to Delaware to visit Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (our fave), walking the campus of our alma mater for the first time in seven years (Looking good, Longwood!), and soaking up as much quality time with those we’ve missed along the way.

Longwood University – so many fond memories!
On that note, I wanted to extend a huge thank you to those of you who not only went out of your way to make time for us while we were home, but met us with open arms, full beers, and made us feel like we’d never left. You all welcomed us into your homes, let Christopher raid your fridge, met us for happy hour, stayed up late chatting, and even drove long distances to see us. Your hospitality, kindness, and genuine interest in our adventures make our hearts so full. I hope you all know how grateful we are for you.

So, what are we doing now?

We are officially back on the road and are driving (and camping!) our way down the West Coast for the next month.

We have a lot of baggage.
Our grand-finale road trip starts in Seattle, Washington and ends in Las Vegas, Nevada:

  • Washington – Seattle, Olympic National Park, Mount Rainer
  • Oregon – Portland, Crater Lake
  • California – Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, Santa Barbara
  • Arizona – Grand Canyon (North & South Rims), Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley
  • Utah – Moab, Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion
  • Nevada – Las Vegas

Once this road trip is over, we are back to the real world fun of finding jobs and a place to live. While it is bittersweet that our year of traveling the world is nearing the end, we are happy to be ending on the highlight that is our own gorgeous country!

Our home for the next month.
Love from our car as we drive through Washington,
Cathleen & Christopher


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