Europe, Take Two

Back in 2013 we used our two weeks of vacation to speed-tour Europe and cram in as much sightseeing as possible. We wanted to see it all and ended up visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. By the time we reached home we were absolutely exhausted and needed another vacation.


Eiffel Tower, 2013 (also featuring the Southern Tier Brewery shirt that has travelled the world, still going strong in 2017)

We ran from museum to food tour to monument to dinner, only to return to our hotel exhausted, rest up, and repeat the next day. On the morning that Christopher proposed, we were on a walking/food tour of Montmartre 30 minutes later.

I’ve always wished that we could go back, take our time and stroll through the streets of [insert any European city here], having leisurely coffee or lunch and watching the people go about their day.

Canals in Amsterdam, 2013

We’ll, it’s happening! Tonight we are heading back to Europe three months — this time starting in Portugal and taking our time travelling through Spain, France, Italy and Greece.  Italy has been #1 on my travel wish list for what feels like forever.  It still hasn’t hit me that a) we are going to Italy and b) we will be spending an entire month there (!!!).  It just doesn’t feel real.

Amsterdam, 2013

I’m also giddy about seeing the French countryside; wandering Paris in Spring, including the gardens where we were engaged; exploring ancient Greek ruins; siting on the beach in Santorini — I could go on for days. Basically, I’m excited about everything we have coming up the next few months. Christopher is also excited, but for different things like food and beer and soccer.

Mussels and calamari, Belgium, 2013

Love from the Zanzibar airport,

Cathleen & Christopher


  1. Patty

    Super excited for you and super jealous! I can’t wait to see your pictures of the gardens and food! Make sure you put plenty of pictures of yourselves as well 🙂 Miss you- be safe!

    Liked by 1 person

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