Whitewater Rafting in Rotorua, New Zealand

Christopher and I were stoked to learn that they had whitewater rafting tours in New Zealand. As I mentioned before, we’ve been selective in choosing our few adventure activities and we felt like whitewater rafting was a good bang for our buck.

After a bit of research, we decided to go with Rotorua Rafting on the North Island and joined their three-hour tour on the Kaituna River.

Rafting Rotorua-2

With our group of six plus our guide, we paddled down a Grade 5 river, navigated some exciting rapids, jumped from rocks, floated down the river a bit without our raft and went down not one, but THREE waterfalls.

Rafting Rotorua-3

The first waterfall we rode down in the raft, the second we free-floated down without the raft, and the third, well that was a different story. Tutea Falls is a 7 meter (23 foot) waterfall (!!!), and is the largest commercially rafted waterfall in the world. For that one we said a prayer, hopped down to the bottom of the raft, and held on for dear life.

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It was such a rush. We can’t wait to do it again.

So when we get back to the States, who is going whitewater rafting with us in West Virginia? I can guarantee some pretty hilarious facial expressions.

Rafting Rotorua-5

Love from South Africa,

Cathleen & Christopher


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