Our Home in New Zealand

We have arrived safely in New Zealand and would like to introduce you to our home for the next twenty-five days:


That’s right, we are living in a campervan for the next month as we explore the New Zealand! Our van contains the following awesomeness:

  • A double bed (with super soft mattress)
  • A stovetop with pots, pans, dishes and utensils
  • Very mini fridge
  • An awning aka private balcony
  • Outdoor table & chairs
  • Wine glasses

Today was our first day of twenty-five on the road. We have a rough outline of the places we’d like to see, a map of each of the islands, and an app to find campsites each day. That’s the beauty of the campervan, we are planning as we go. For those of you worried about where we are going to shower, don’t stress. New Zealand has an amazing network of campsites, many of which have showers, kitchens and lounge areas for us to use at little or no cost.

Here is a video we made to show you all the campervan.  Please forgive the terrible editing, I literally pulled it together in the back of the van!

Well friends, it’s bedtime here, so here’s to hoping we get a good night sleep in this thing!

Love from from New Zealand,

Cathleen & Christopher


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